Elementor #328

Step 0-1: Wave & Wait

Patiently wave at your targets and wait.

Step 0-2: Qualify

If you got a wave back, then approach.

Step 0-3: Trust the Hands

Put the book in their hand. 

Step 1: Nutshell Presentation

  • “Books on yoga and meditation that help you how to get free from stress.”
  • “You’ve heard of stress before right?”
  • “Really?! You don’t look stressed at all! What’s your secret?!

Step 2: Show and Tell

  • Name Drop: Thoreau, Emerson, Gandhi, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr, Th Beatles, Tupac Shakur  
  • Endorsements: Georgetown, USC
  • Changing bodies (Plate 5): “We start here and end here.” | “We’re all just passing through.” | “Where are you in all this?”
  • Karma (Plate 12): “You’ve heard of karma right?! What does it mean to you?” | Compliment: Whoa! If just more people thought like you, the world would have been a much better place to live.

Step 3: Humor

  • (Plate 10): “What do you do professionally?” 
  • “Really?! This guy used to be a ——– (Fill in the blank)”

Step 4: Engage-Donation

  • “We don’t sell it like in a bookstore. We just ask for a donation. We don’t need the money. The only reason we ask is that it’s an ancient tradition. When you give something in return for spiritual knowledge, it connects you to previous teachers who have passed it down over many generations, and allows you to enter deeply within the knowledge.”
  • Teach them the Maha Mantra | Give Prasadam | Get Contact Info
  • Our Prime Directive: Leave everyone with a good impression.